Ved Buen is open!

An urban laboratory composed of a co-working space and a cosy café open to the neighbourhood


Ved Buen, Bispeengen 1, 2000 Frederiksberg (DK)
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17 June 2015

About the event

This opening of Cafe Ved Buen launches the last “touch” of the new local urban lab: the café!
Indeed, our third iteration of the urban laboratory is composed of a co-working space shared by Creative Roots Studio and Områdefornyelsen Nordre Fasanvej Kvarteret, and a cosy café space open to the neighbourhood. The two spaces in interaction via a window wall are designed to enable “human friction” and a continuous co-creative process in the area.
We are very happy to settle our main office in this neighbourhood, where we already feel part of the community.
We celebrated with speeches, including a few words from the local mayor, Jørgen Glenthøj, and our local partner from Områdefornyelsen NFK, Brian H. Westerheim , a stand-up performance from a well-known local comedian, Omar Marzouk, music from a great local DJ, DJ 2000F, homemade food by a local resident Melanie, and drinks prepared by some of our “Roots”.
We look forward to welcome you all in this new place to meet and create today the urban life of tomorrow!

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