Urban Walks

About the project

Creative Roots organizes urban walks hosted by professional architects and accompanied by various urban enthusiasts. Through the walks we exchange our perceptions of the urban environment, while getting a new experience of the neighbourhood, each in our own way.

The walks are centered on different but intertwining themes, including environment, mobility, health and knowledge, and they combine a neighbourhood’s old structure with new development. The approximately one-hour walks lead the citizens through a selected route, visiting the neighbourhood’s well known and hidden places and giving them the architect’s ”insider’s” insight into them.

The walks were hosted by Frederiksberg’s former city architect Ejvind Rostgaard and its current city architect Claus Sivager, with whom we celebrated Health Week. During them we were joined by members of streeteXpression, a team of enthusiasts practicing and teaching Parkour, and our then-neighbours at Ku.Be. They were particularly inspiring to the younger participants of the walk, and with their own experience and use of the streetscape, they challenge its conventional perceptions.


Victor Aalund-Olsen
Anaïs Lora
Ana Santini
Alexandra Heretaki


StreeteXpression (parkour)
Former city architect Ejvind Rostgaard
Frederiksberg’s current city architect Claus Sivager
Citizens in Frederiksberg


Frederiksberg (DK)


Summer and Winter 2013
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