Urban Movie Nights

The issues and challenges of contemporary urban life

About the project

Urban Movie Nights with Creative Roots offer screenings of urban and architecture themed movies and facilitate discussion about the issues and challenges of contemporary urban life.

Creative Roots invites local residents, students and everyone interested to cozy movie nights where we communally watch and discuss the content and themes of films on the topic of urban planning, initiatives and phenomenon, as well as other urban and architectural issues. The discussion often evolves around topics of urban design and development, urban dwellers, the influences of urban life on feelings and life in general, and the city as habitat. This is done in order to get an insight into how local citizens experience the city – both the one he / she lives in, and in relation to other major cities. It creates a debate about what we can learn from each other and what features and themes are appreciated in Copenhagen’s city life.

The series of Urban Movie Nights continues this winter with the screening of 8 urban-themed movies, starting from January and continuing through April. These will provide a good opportunity for participants to get to know each other, as we hope to encourage social interaction through both plenary debate and a little hygge with popcorn and drinks.

It is intended that the experiences and consequent debate of the film evenings will end in a catalogue that summarizes the conclusions and ideas that came
out of the movie nights.


Ana Santini

Thomas Kerekes


Instructor Kaspar Astrup-Schröder
Students from KU LIFE and RUC


Flintholm, Frederiksberg (DK)


Winter and Spring 2014
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