Urban Explorations

About the project

Galeries Lafayette is under construction, the neighborhood is transforming, Bron is changing. Open Lab offers the (re)discovery of this budding territory through urban explorations.

Urban explorations are collective walks in the neighborhood, with discussions and creative group activities.

A forum for exchange and reflection, the explorations invite each participant to share his experience as a user of the area and confront his point of view with experts (architects, landscape architects, artists, expert municipality etc.).

Through these urban explorations, we invite the participants to explore the transformation of space from different angles (artistic, architectural, ecological…) and question the dynamics of urban redevelopment. What kind of city do we want for tomorrow? What is the role of public space? What is our concept of living together? What actions can we carry out today to improve the city? These are some questions that we will try to answer together.

From July to October, 20 urban explorations will be scheduled around 4 different routes to (re)discover the Galleries’ site and surroundings:

1. La ville en scène – The city scene – Creative activities that promise a better life together.

2. La nature dans la ville – Nature in the city – When plants and flowers find a way to win back concrete spaces.

3. La ferme urbaine – Urban farm – Shhh, it’s growing! New forms of agriculture in the heart of the city.

4. Les petits explorateurs – Little explorers – Recycling workshops – easy and fun for kids.


Anaïs Lora
Adam Roigart
Sarah Dulac
Charlotte Rizzo


Local residents
Citinove – Groupe Galeries Lafayette
Galeries Lafayette Lyon Bron


Lyon Bron (FR)


July – October 2014

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