Urban exploration in Lyon Bron

Discover the place through multiple perspectives

About the project

As part of the development of a project of an Open Lab on the site of the Galeries Lafayette Bron (France), Creative Roots organized an urban exploration in order to (re)discover the place and its surroundings. Different potential collaborators join us to share their visions for the site and its surroundings, to visualize it on site and learn more about the project of the urban laboratory project ‘Lyon Bron Open Lab’.

The goal of this walk, conducted in partnership with Citynove – Groupe Galeries Lafayette, was to experiment the co-creative spirit of the project while inviting us to explore the opportunities of successful collaborations and ludic animations of the site.

Thanks to all the participants, this moment shared together was a great positive experience!


Anaïs Lora
Adam Roigart
Pauline de Gorostarzu


Citizens in Lyon
Groupe Galeries Lafayette


Galeries Lafayettes, Lyon (FR)


March 2014

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