Urban exploration at DAC

A co-creative city making tool

About the project

Creative Roots’ Anaïs Lora is included in DAC’s newest “Fælleskab din by” exhibition about people who’s engagement is transforming the city. As part of the exhibition Creative Roots hosted an exploratory walk in Copenhagen’s Christianshavn, presenting this innovative co-creative city making tool developed by Creative Roots. We rounded up the afternoon with an express Park(ing) Evening when we collaboratively built an urban oasis on DAC’s parking spaces while listening to Søren Schaumburg Jensen from GHB Landskabsarkitekter, Ryan Reynolds from New Zealand’s Gap Filler and our own Anaïs Lora talking about collaborative city making.


Anaïs Lora
Ana Santini
Gladys Greyl
Sarah Dulac


Danish Architecture Center
Søren Schaumburg Jensen
Ryan Reynolds


Danish Architecture Center, Copenhagen (DK)


29 April 2015

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