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Opportunities and potentials in a public space

About the project

’Create your own public space of boxes’. The workshop consisted of two parts with two different participant groups: A group of students from a local high school and a group of roller derby girls from the club Odense Roller Girls.

By playing with the construction of volumes, made by boxes originally used in the warehouse, the goal was to get the participants thinking and
reflecting about the effect and possibilities that different volumes can have in the public space. Through this process of creating they were given different challenges step by step that slowly lead to reflect a real life situation with obstacles and compromises.
The general purpose of the workshops was to act as an eye-opener for the local participants and give them an introduction to what opportunities and potentials a public space can hold. By creating the mock-up 1:1 models of their ideas they learned tools about how to engage in the public and political debates about the public realm and how to communicate their project. The processes and projects were documented and forwarded to the Municipality of Odense as proposals of what the area could be used for according to the needs of the users.

The workshop was carried out in connection to the Think Space 2013 conference, which takes place in Malmö, Odense and Aalborg the 18-20th of September 2013. The surroundings were a 24.000 square meter abandoned warehouse owned by the dairy corporation COOP.

The goal of the conference is to put user generated urbanism and its organisation in focus and to show the possibilities that is created when citizens engage in democratic processes in the city


Peter H. Overgaard
Nivah Samuel Hastrup
Anais Lora


Local high students
Roller derby girls


Odense, Think Space (DK)


September 2013
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