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About the project

In the spring of 2013 Creative Roots invited local residents, institutions and other interested in Frederiksberg to some co-creative working sessions. The goal was to build local and social urban gardens to the Flintholm area.
The project was created as part of the initiative ”52 weeks of activities”, created by Frederiksberg Municipality and which had the intention to activate the area surrounding the future culture and movement house, KU.BE, before the construction will begin in the spring of 2014.
The vision for the pop-up gardens was that they had to be built mobile so that they later could be transported easily from A to B – and thus also into the urban space. All the gardens were therefore built with a Euro-pallet as foundation. At the same time Creative Roots putted a great emphasis to keep the aesthetics and design outcome at a high level.
In this way a framework was formed so the gardens not only would give the city a green lift, but they would also ’appear’ in different locations and provide visitors the opportunity to stay in recreational environments.
Through the project nearly 40 citizens took part in the creation of the gardens. It was a very diverse group of participants who regularly met each other during the project and various workshops. Both high income and low income citizens, working and unemployed and danish and foreigner were present. The age was diverse too – from the very young, who loved to help with painting and put in the seeds to the elderly who may have retired and have a great knowledge of the plant world, which they gladly gave forth.
The gardens were later exhibited in several events. These include Frederiksberg Dagene, when the gardens were displayed at Frederiksberg Town Hall Square and in Sundhedsdagene, Frederiksberg, where they gave a green lift to Frederiksberg Runddel. The gardens will most probably have an influence on the final design of the KU.BE area designed by SLA and MVRDV.


Victor Aalund Olsen


Citizens in Frederiksberg


Flintholm, Frederiksberg (DK)


June 2013

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