Pop-Up Gardens at Domus Vista

About the project

On two sunny days in May and June Creative Roots organized two pop-up garden workshops at Norden Plads in the housing area Domus Vista, Frederiksberg. The two workshops were created in collaboration between the Sondermarket Neighborhood Area Renewal, Domus Vista Library, Kvarterhuset Søndermarken and during the two days attracted young and old Domus Vista residents. They dug into the creation of their new green lung, by building, painting and planting both decorative and edible plants.

The pop-up gardens were built so they can easily and quickly be set up and moved around to become temporary installations in a particular area, thus awakening attention to the green elements in the city.
They are designed with an intelligent irrigation system where plants are watered as a capillary system (water is collected in an isolated space in the bottom of the garden, from where it is transported slowly to the plants via terrestrial links), so they do not need to be watered as often and can better withstand dry periods.
During the workshops, the participants were divided into teams, and created six new gardens for the large square at Domus Vista. The gardens were then left to the local residents who built them and now water and take care of them.


Victor Aalund Olsen
Signe Meredin Villadsen
Kasia Wieszczeczynska


Områdefornyelsen Søndermarkskvarteret
Domus Vista Library
Kvarterhuset Søndermarket


Domus Vista, Frederiksberg (DK)


May – June 2014

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