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About the project

Lyon Bron Open Lab is a temporary urban laboratory, a place to meet, exchange and create urban life at the site of Galeries Lafayette Lyon Bron, which is in transformation.

The goal is to transform a construction site, often disturbing for local citizens, into a positive and interactive experience. It explores the possibilities for fruitful collaboration and fun through playful co-creative projects in different areas – educational workshops on urban and environmental issues, cultural facilities, sporting events etc.

The Open Lab is a place to meet as well as a program of collaborative activities and a dynamic facilitating team. Creative Roots developed the whole concept and formed a local team to carry out a series of activation and urban dialogue interventions on site and to ensure the co-creative spirit with the neighborhood for the years 2014-2015 (and possibly renewed until the end of the site’s transformation).

It is a pilot action-research project, aiming to adapt urban transformation to the daily human-life scale and to reimagine with the locals a new way of living. Various types of evaluations are carried out to measure the impact on the neighbourhood.

The Open Lab opened its doors on June 28th 2014 and has since drawn many curious passers-by through its doors.


Anaïs Lora

Phase 0: Feasibility Study and Set-up
Anaïs Lora
Adam Roigart
Pauline de Gorostarzu
Daphné Lora-Bernard

Phase 1: Urban Encounter
Anaïs Lora –  Open Lab Coordination
Adam Roigart – Installation “Les Sourires de Lyon Bron”
Sarah Dulac – Co-Creative Facilitation
Gladys Greyl – Co-Creative Facilitation
Charlotte Rizzo – Co-Creative Facilitation

Phase 2: Urban Dialogue
Anaïs Lora – Project Management
Annabelle Michon – Open Lab Coordination
Adam Roigart – Project “Re:Place”
Pauline de Gorostarzu – Park’N’Fest Coordination
Aura Fernandez – Psycho-Social Evaluation
Sarah Dulac – Co-Creative Facilitation
Signe Meredin Villadsen – Co-Creative Facilitation
Charlotte Rizzo – Co-Creative Facilitation


Citynove – Real Estate Branch of Galeries Lafayette Group
Galeries Lafayette Lyon Bron


215 bd Pinel, Lyon Bron (FR)


Phase 0: Feasibility Study & Set-up
February – June 2014

Phase 1: Urban Encounter
June 2014 – October 2014

Phase 2: Urban Dialogue
November 2014 – July 2015

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