Frederiksbergs Skjulte Perler 2015

About the project

The annual event Frederiksbergs Skjulte Perler (The Hidden Pearls of Frederiksberg) collects and makes visible the rich cultural and business life that is found behind the walls and hedges in the area around Dronning Olgas Street and Kong Georges Street in the Nordre Fasanvej district of Frederiksberg. On this day the everyday environment is transformed into a vibrant urban gallery packed with atmosphere, spontaneity and festivities.

Cultural events, exhibitions, outdoor activities, future dreams and historical tales are exchanged and disseminated on the day and connected like beads on a string to celebrate the local qualities and communities and make us wiser about local culture and the area’s history.


Anais Lora
Andreas Wolf
Georgia Papadopoulou


Citizens in Frederiksberg
Various local shops and constractors
Frederiksberg Municipality


Frederiksberg (DK)


June 2015

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