Frederiksberg’s Hidden Gems 2014

A story of a neighborhood’s forgotten and unknown stories.

About the project

At first sight, Kong Georgs Vej and Dronning Olgas Vej seem to be a quiet and ordinary residential neighborhood. But behind fences and walls are, in addition to schools, daycares and clubs, more creative entrepreneurs, art collectives and especially passionate residents.

What happens when they all move their activities out in the street and offer passersby a temporary urban gallery displaying all these hidden gems for a day? It is the story of a neighborhood forgotten and unknown stories.

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Anaïs Lora
Lucia de Luca
Chris Moir


Local businesses and residents
Områdefornyelse, Nordre Fasanvej, Kvarteret
Frederiksberg’s Culture and Leisure department.


Kong Georgs Vej & Dronning Olgas Vej, Frederiksberg (DK)


May 2014

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Would you like to meet your neighbors and together create your own quarter event?

If you wish to participate this year, just show up on the day! The event will start at 10.00 at Stjernen in Frederiksberg. You can find more information about the program here and join the event here.

As part of the Hidden Gems, you can:

– Tell stories about the neighborhood during the event,
– Offer an outdoor activity that you would normally do indoors – Yoga , music, cooking, painting… Anything is possible!
– Welcome guests on cakes, snacks, coffee, tea and happy smiles!
– Help with setting up and clearing up the party decorations and installations

See you very soon!

For more information, please send an email to event coordinators :

Anaïs Lora :

Lucia De Luca :

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