Frederiksberg Dage 2013

About the project

During the FRB Days Creative Roots opened up three streets for the pedestrians. Cosy environment was created and the shops was moved out to the streets. The local visitors could then meet and enjoy a day on the streets through different events.

 While local businesses and residents worked on their own contribution to the event, Creative roots arranged several design-and-build workshops for realizing urban furniture to be used for the event: seating spots, tables and benches, a stage etc. The furniture built mainly from pallets – to have a low cost product, though easy to remake – have a simple, easy to assemble, dynamic design, and reusable as well.

The co-creative process fostered social networks between local residents and businesses, students and decision-makers, while creating long-term partnerships and a positive shared experience.


Anaïs Lora
Lucia De Luca
Victor Aalund Olsen
Ana Santini


Frederiksberg Municipality
Various local shops and constractors


Peter Bangs Vej, H.C. Orsteds Vej, Værnesdamsvej, Kong Georgs Vej in Frederiksberg (DK)


June 2013

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