Co-Creative Tactical Day

A playful 12-hour series of collaborative actions to explore processes of urban transformation

About the project

Co-Creative Tactical Day is a 12-hour workshop series to explore processes of urban transformation through collaborative action!

Pop-up events, temporary interventions, tactical action, long term change, iterative processes, urban laboratories, cultural planning, street art and performance, adaptive urbanism… What is Co-Creative Tactical Urban Transformation?

Creative Roots invited to explore these challenging new urban processes. A sample of urban designers, landscape architects and architects, anthropologists, psychologists and sociologists, builders, makers and designers, game and web designers, artists and performers, academics and researchers and other urban enthusiasts were invited to share their knowledge and experiences in an active, collaborative way.

Throughout the day the audience was involved in a series of short performances or interventions. All participants interacted with each other, learned by doing on the spot and created valuable collective knowledge to share beyond the event. Together we put the alternative processes in practice at the Dome of Visions, contributing to its on-going questioning of temporality and life between buildings.


Anaïs Lora
Gladys Greyl


Dome of Visions
Patrick Jenfelt
Michal Krolikow
Jesper Koefoed
Don’t Fear Tools
Ellen O’Gara
Robert Veres
Bettina Lamm
Lena Mech
Copper & Wheat
DJ Gwendal Lelan


Dome of Visions, Copenhagen (DK)


24 October 2014

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