Co-creative tactical urbanism

Co-creation through iteration – shaping places milestone by milestone

From the very beginning of a project’s planning process we involve a wide range of stakeholders, including local residents, students, businesses, policy makers and experts. We do this through co-creative workshops and meetings, but most of all, through concrete actions, such as building and gardening workshops or urban walks. Getting participants to work together at several levels for a common goal enables new relationships to emerge and new communities to grow.

This is the essence of co-creative tactical urbanism where we invite people to collaborate while creating long-term changes through short-term action.

We develop methods to actually co-create today’s city with residents, local businesses, decision-makers and experts. We adapt the co-creative process to each initiative’s context. Temporary Uses, Spontaneous Interventions, Pop-ups, Guerilla Gardening…
Our initiatives take part in an international movement towards what Mike Lydon calls Tactical Urbanism.

These tactics can stimulate activity, change the image and feel of an area, stabilize weaker neighborhoods, reactivate vacant sites, hasten an eventual ‘permanent’ development without significant expenditure. It is a method that, in addition to fulfilling temporarily needs, develops communities and social networks.

An urban design movement in which low-cost and short-term actions lead to long-term change

What we do

Knowledge sharing

Our work is open source and we share our learning-by-doing knowledge and documentation through lectures, publications, etc.

Neighborhood activation

In long-term processes we encourage citizen involvement through action, thus facilitating ownership of the urban space.

Urban catalyst consultancy

We serve as a bridge between academic and practical knowledge, while developing processes in the field of co-creative tactical urbanism.

Collaborative workshops

The perfect setting of exchanging skills and learning through action while nurturing co-creative spirit.

Community events

Our community events aim at building community spirit through engaging the residents and revealing the neighbourhood’s potentials. 

Urban interventions

We initiate site-specific interventions or alternative solutions by prototyping and experimentation.