Creative Roots

We are an international and multidisciplinary team of young enthusiasts in urban transformation, architecture, landscape architecture, design, sociology, recycling, crafts, gardening, and learning and research through collaborative action and play.

Creative Roots Studio

The professional part of the Creative Roots social enterprize offering services in urban life activation and co-creative urban transformation processes.

Anaïs Lora

As the founder and leader, Anaïs is responsible for Creative Roots’s vision, research and development, and continuous growth into an international learning organisation and consultancy in urban co-creative processes. She is the instigator of our experimentation spaces: Lyon Bron Open Lab and Café Ved Buen.

Andreas Wolf

As a project manager for Creative Roots’ Copenhagen office, Andreas loves both to get nerdy about ideating the nitty gritty details of a project, as well as getting his hands dirty while building together with the neighbours.

Georgia Papadopoulou

As a tactical urbanism enthusiast, landscape architect and urban designer. Georgia actively contributes in various Creative Roots projects.

Adam Roigart

Adam takes action regularly in Creative Roots’ urban interventions and projects in Denmark and France.

Mathieu Le Roux

Mathieu is the new enthusiast community host/manager barista of our Open Lab Café in Lyon, France.

Bogna Anna Gebalska

Bogna is currently working as an intern at the studio, whilst dedicating time as the communicator of the association.

Creative Roots Association

The student-run association that co-creates urban life through experimental tactical interventions and learning-by-doing.

Darcy Millar

Chairman, Creative Roots: Collective Urbanism

A masters student in Spatial Design and Society at RUC, Darcy is interested in the interactions and experiences between people and the built environment.

Andreas Wolf

Treasurer, Creative Roots: Collective Urbanism

As the treasurer, Andreas is the association’s connection to different public and private funds.

Bogna Anna Gebalska

Communicator,Creative Roots: Collective Urbanism

Bogna is an architect and urban planner, exploring concepts of sustainable and smart, she is passionate about cities and people.

Xinyi Huang 

Project Manager, Creative Roots: Collective Urbanism

Xinyi is a student in service design, she is enthusiastic about urban innovation.


Jesper is a Master student at Copenhagen University’s Landscape Architecture program.

Wadim Baslow

Wadim is a master student in Sustainable Cities.

Creative Roots’ previous members

Zhan Jessica Yu


Charlotte Rizzo

Melissa Pestalozzi

Ana Santini

Pernille Lorentzen

Christina Könnecke

Pauline De Gorostarzu

Søren Schaumburg Jensen

Jacob Coln

Heidi Thorstensen

Sandra B. Helgason

Thomas Kerekes

Sidsel Genee

Victor Aalund-Olsen

Lucia de Luca

Alexandra Heretaki

Nivah Samuel Hastrup

Peter Overgaard

Mathieu Bobin

Boris Yordanov


Christopher Moir

Anna Sampson

Sarah Dulac

Gladys Greyl

Annabelle Michon

Aura Fernandez

Signe Meredin Villadsen

Nataliya Deneva